ABOUT Biohealix

Biohealix Ltd is a medical products company incorporated in Cyprus. It’s initial focus is on the Middle East as an agent and distributor of innovative and high tech medical products .

The company was founded by a team of highly skilled individuals with diverse expertise.

They include Dany Moustafa is a renowned businessman in the cosmetics and medical field with many years experience in these industries.

George Hadjipieris has a Physics Ph.D. and extensive expertise in science, technology and investments.

Andreas Papallis is a commercial lawyer whose role is to ensure the company operates within the required legal frameworks and that all products fulfil regulatory requirements.

Michalis Prodromou is a chartered accountant who controls all aspects of the company finances

Biohealix is committed to developing and providing high quality medical products that meet the needs of our customers. With our diverse expertise we are confident that we can deliver innovative solutions that will help improve the health and well-being of people within our region

A Mission so big, it can only be achieved by combining Innovative Products, Knowledge, Innovative Business Practices and new Alliances to bring Change.

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