Bringing highly effective wound care to the masses in a financially sustainable way to permanently improve lives and change the status quo of the industry

We are committed to innovating new human keratin-based healthcare technologies in order to provide patients and healthcare providers with highly effective wound therapies. Progenacare Global specializes in developing wound care technologies within a global context such that our solutions fit into healthcare practices across the socioeconomic spectrum.


Company History

ProgenaCare is a regenerative healthcare company dedicated to improving wound care healing, leveraging proprietary medical device technologies and biotechnology research and development. There are approximately 350 million people worldwide with diabetes, with up to 90 million people affected in the U.S. and Europe alone. Of these, it‚Äôs estimated that 14 million people suffer from chronic wounds annually. Complications from chronic wounds can lead to debilitating and life-threatening complications as well as increased healthcare costs.1¬†The company‚Äôs first device, ProgenaMatrix‚ĄĘ, is an active wound care solution utilizing human keratin. The company was founded in 2008 by experienced scientists from biotechnology and medical device disciplines and is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, U.S.A.


Skills Embodied in the ProgenaCare Team

Our executive team is highly experienced in medical device and biotechnology disciplines, including scientists in cell biology and biomaterials development, as well as sales and marketing experts from leading global companies. Our leadership and advisors bring decades of specialized knowledge and experience, with a shared passion to deliver better solutions for patients and physicians. Our current team includes the following skills:

(Note: We are seeking additional qualified candidates in the titles italicized in the list below)

  • ¬†Accounting
  • ¬†Animal surgery
  • ¬†Artificial Intelligence, data science
  • ¬†Bio materials
  • ¬†Business strategy, Wound care industry strategy
  • ¬†Business systems and data access
  • ¬†Chemistry
  • ¬†Finance
  • ¬†Manufacturing
  • ¬†Medical products and wound care marketing
  • ¬†Microbiology
  • ¬†Quality
  • ¬†Reimbursement, Regulatory
  • ¬†Sales
  • ¬†Software, Programming
  • ¬†Training
  • ¬†Wound care

A Mission so big, it can only be achieved by combining Innovative Products, Knowledge, Innovative Business Practices and new Alliances to bring Change.

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